President’s Message

What one sincerely hopes and dreams about does come true, provided it is backed and activated by endeavours. Yes, we hope to see the Santiniketan Institute of Polytechnic as a premier institution of engineering. Now we see SIP expanding like the petals of young flowers, to quote Henry Louis Vivian Derozio.

In this age of technology, better to say polytechnic, man is ever engaged enthusiastically in stretching his mission to the horizon, nay to different cosmic bodies. Indeed, there is a success, material as well as spectacular. To everybody’s wonder, even the space project enriches us with strange explorations into the earth’s mysteries and miracles.

Today’s scholars of multi-disciplined technology are to embark on novel enterprises since the global scenario unfolds rhythmically. Of course, they are qualified people to contribute to the society of tomorrow. Apart from jobs in varied sectors, self-employment is sure to come their way. Added to this is the fact that SIP is set and committed to providing sophisticated machines and resources to its scholars in tune with the evolving trends and trades related to polytechnic. Quite confidently, the students here get duly familiar with the chequered career of polytechnic diploma holders. It is worth mentioning that our vision to develop a congenial environment here at SIP Campus is being steadily rendered into reality. That SIP grows up day by day with vision, vigour and virtuosity become quite evident everywhere as soon as one steps inside the campus. Our students and staffers realize fairly well how we materialize meticulously what we visualize for a better and truly brighter tomorrow. We keep in mind what Bill Gates says if you can’t make it good, at least make it look good. Almost daily SIP takes a new step towards improvement, be it academic, infrastructural or environmental. It is a delightful point to note that we in the management (‘SWADHIN’, a Duly Registered Trust for Charitable Purpose) deem it a great achievement on our end if the hopeless youths of rural Bengal with Diploma in Engineering Courses from SIP find themselves self-dependent even at least as skilled labours in their struggle for existence ahead.

Hope dies hard, and it, at the same time, is a common human nature to resolve for turning over a new leaf even in the face of odds. So I welcome you all to help SIP go ahead in new tracks with new records of achievements. Thank you and wish you all sunny seconds.

With Regards to all,

Santiniketan Institute Of Polytechnic